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Summit Overview

The Health Innovation Summit is a day dedicated to bringing a group of stakeholders – with a unique cross-section of expertise, community involvement and experiences within the healthcare system - together to identify the preferred future of health care in our province.

The Health Innovation Summit strives to initiate a number of calls to action for all stakeholders – both patients and providers alike - that will build a solid foundation for delivering high quality, safe patient care and answer the questions: what do the people of Saskatchewan want out of their healthcare experience, and how do we grow a meaningful and sustainable patient-centred system?

Bringing together dynamic and inspirational speakers serves as the framework for sparking conversation during the Health Innovation Summit and  provides the fundamental and thought-provoking information that is key to developing a well-rounded, informed, action-oriented strategy.

The overall day is comprised of innovative speakers, a networking luncheon, and an interactive information gathering session with all participants to help build the basis from which the Health Innovation Steering Committee will develop a comprehensive call to action strategy. 

In 2017 & 2018, the Health Innovation Summit opened our minds to new approaches to creative problem solving, honest conversations bout social issues and ways to use innovative thinking and technology to improve the patient care experience. In 2019, the Health Innovation Summit shifted away from sharing ideas regarding a wide variety of solution-based ideas and discussions, to a more focused and crucial conversations regarding mental health and addicitions.

The next Health Innovation Summit will be held in September 2021; scroll down to sign up for our mailing list.

Summit Goals

The Health Innovation Summit is dedicated to:

  • Bringing together healthcare practitioners and decision-makers, community and business leaders, and patients alike to identify the preferred future of healthcare in our province.
  • Open and transparent conversations regarding what people want out of their healthcare experience.
  • Sharing knowledge and insight on how to grow a meaningful and sustainable patient-centred system.
  • Developing a calls to action for all stakeholders - both patients and providers alike - that will build a solid foundation for guiding delivering high quality, safe patient care.


Watch for more information on the next Health Innovation Summit in 2021.


2019 speakers

Keynote Speaker - Theo Fleury
NHL Stanley Cup Champion & Relational Trauma Expert

Innovation Showcase

Fast-paced presentations highlighting the amazing and innovative work happening in healthcare around Saskatchewan.

Dr. Tanya Holt

Remote Presence Technology

Latoya Patterson-Durkop, NP

Remote Presence Technology

Gerrilynn Manitowabi

CIHR Institute of Indigenous Peoples’ Health: Innovative Research in Indigenous Wellness

Dr. Tarun Katapally

SMART: A mHealth and Citizen Science Platform for Population Health Surveillance, Integrated Knowledge Translation and Real-Time Interventions.

Perspectives Panel: Mental Health & Additions - Addressing A Crisis

Feature Presentation - Entrepreneurship: From Idea to Reality


Sometimes the smallest seed of an idea can have the biggest impact.

The Health Innovation Summit Hackathon, inspired by Med.Hack(+), is a great way to take your idea for improving healthcare to the next level. No experience required!

A Summit Hackathon ia a fast-paced, creative problem-solving approach that brings together healthcare professionals, students, entrepreneurs, system leaders, patients and technology creators, to work in interdisciplinary teams that build solutions to problems in healthcare. In the span of an afternoon (3 hours) teams begin to brainstorm and develop solutions to help innovative ideas GROW!  Participants have the opportunity to choose which Solutions Team they wish to join based on the topic which interests them the most.

Learn more about Med.Hack(+) and their events at



Watch for more  information in 2021.


As a group of community stakeholders with a common and vested interest in the patient care experience and healthcare overall, the Health Innovation Summit Steering Committee recognizes we do not have the authority to make decisions about healthcare in Saskatchewan; however, we do have the opportunity to influence change through conversation. Thank you for being a part of the conversation, for sharing your experiences, ideas, commitment, and passion. Thank you for wanting to be a part of the solution and leading change with us.

Led by Dr. Marlene Smadu, in partnership with the Saskatchewan Union of Nurses, the Health Innovation Summit Steering Committee includes:

Dr. Marlene Smadu

Committee Chair

Tracy M. Zambory

President, Saskatchewan Union of Nurses

Craig Bell

COO, Executive VP Assets, Portfolio Mgr - Investment Group

Chief Cadmus Delorme

Chief - Cowessess First Nation

Dr. david Gregory

Dean, Faculty of Nursing - University of Regina

Mark Lemmerick

Chief Innovation Officer - ISM Canada

Sanj Singh

President - LMI

Victor Thomas

Madmin. C.Dir
President - Global Bridgeway

Bruce Willis

Partner - KPMG

Donna Trainor

Executive Director - SUN

Amber Alecxe

Director, Government Relations - SUN


2018 Health Innovation Summit

Innovation [n] 1: the introduction of something new; 2: a new idea, method, or device

Each year, the Health Innovation Summit strives to spark conversation around new ideas and approaches to improving access to healthcare services and the patient care experience, in a broad range of areas, from mental health and addictions to acute services to community care.

The 2017 Health Innovation Summit challenged us to think outside of the box, to take a constructive look at what is working well in our healthcare system and where there is room and/or need for improvement. During the 2018 Summit, we will build on the ideas shared during the 2017 World Café and continue those conversations with the goal of turning ideas into action.

The Health Innovation Summit will once again bring together leaders in direct care registered nursing with other practitioners, patients, academics, students, administrators, individuals from the business and technology communities, and others from across the province to further develop health innovation ideas.

The 2018 Summit was thrilled to have emergency room physician, bestselling author and medical watchdog, Dr. Brian Goldman, as our keynote speaker to talk about disruptive innovation, technology and patient engagement

Notably, the 2018 Summit will offer participants the opportunity to connect with fellow healthcare stakeholders, to learn from and inspire others, or to take the next step in bringing innovative and solution-driven ideas one step closer to reality utilizing the “Med.Hack” concept first introduced to the Summit audience at the 2017 event.

Keynote Speaker:

Dr. Brain Goldman - Disruptive Innovation

Disruptive innovation is all around us, including health care. As a keen observer of the culture of modern medicine, Dr. Brian Goldman knows all about that. He defines disruptive innovation and gives current and past examples inside and outside healthcare, as well as the likely major disruptions in the years ahead. Finally, he tells why health professionals are often reluctant to embrace disruption, and how to prepare for it.

To learn more about Dr. Goldman, check out his biography in the 2018 Summit Conference Guide.


Colleagues, peers, patients, and members of the business and technology communities came together to engage in a powerful and creative problem-solving exercise deigned to brainstorm patient-centred solutions to issues facing the healthcare system today.

Teams had the opportunity to work on ideas which ranged from senior care to mental and addictions to wellness barometer – and more.

Conversation Panel:

Looking ahead, where will healthcare in Saskatchewan be in 5, 10 years times? What opportunities do innovations in healthcare and technology have in our province? What are Saskatchewan’s greatest successes in healthcare and/or technology and innovation? How can we overcome some of the biggest obstacles to achieving a high functioning health system?

Honourable Tina Beaudry-Mellor, the Minister Responsible for Innovation Saskatchewan, the Honourable Jim Reiter, Minister of Health, will shared their perspectives on health and innovation in Saskatchewan, the future of both in the province and how to encourage and leverage growth and development.

Click here to view the complete 2018 Summit Conference Guide.


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